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The Planner(s) you've been Searching for

It's time to take control of your time, so you can spend it on what really matters.

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3 Planners

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You don't think the same as everyone else, so why should your planner work the same? Find out which one is right for you:


Each planner was inspired by a real person and is created to motivate you based on your unique personality and lifestyle.

Interior Pockets

Use the built-in back pocket for keping receipts, cheques, or other important slips of paper safe

Easy Navigation

Each planner is made with two ribbons for easily navigating the different sections

The Planner(s)
You've Been Searching For

If you had an 8th day each week to do with what you wanted, what would you do? The 8-Day Planner is for those who are ready to bring their dreams to the forefront, and just need a little structure to take control and bring them to life. It helps you naturally organise and prioritise your tasks, so that you can spend more time on the things you care about.

Personality TypesInspired by a Meyers-Briggs INFP, Enneagram 9. Used and loved by many more.


  • Organize and color-code your responsibilities
  • Easily track your habits
  • Plan out your weekly priorities
  • Remember to work toward your dreams
  • Record the highs and lows of your day
  • Color-coded notes pages

The Adventurer’s Tale is for those who love gamification or just need a bit of room for imagination in their planning. The Adventurer’s Tale turns life into a series of adventures that allow you to earn Experience Points (XP) and level up as you go. It helps you to break your goals down into achievable steps, and helps you to celebrate your wins while monitoring your personal well-being.

Personality TypesInspired by a Meyers-Briggs ENFP, Enneagram 7. Used and loved by many more.


  • Fill out your Character profile
  • Reframe your goals as adventures
  • Use it at your own pace
  • Monitor and restore your sanity
  • Regularly level up your character
  • Earn badges as you go

The Strategist’s Blueprint is for the high achievers who need a space to break down deadlines and visualize everything in one place. It naturally encourages time batching to help you achieve flow-state and be more productive with your time, while promoting rest and a balanced life.

Personality Types: Inspired by a Meyers-Briggs INTJ, Enneagram 1. Used and loved by many more.


  • Plan out your personal and professional aspirations
  • Organize and track all of your deadlines and important dates in one place
  • Outline your top priorities for the week
  • Make use of time batching
  • Remember to prioritize rest and self-care
  • Reflect on your achievements

Can’t decide? Want to try them all? Get the works! The 8-Day Planner, the Adventurer’s Tale, and the Strategist’s Blueprint are 3 unique creations designed to help you take control of your time so you can spend it on what matters and realize your dreams.


  • Goal pages
  • Weekly Planning
  • Daily to do lists
  • Calendar pages
  • Notes pages
  • More

Want to give someone a gift that shows thought and care? Having trouble deciding which planner is just right for them? Send them a MindfulDay Planning gift card so they can take the Quiz and choose the planner that is just right for their personality and lifestyle!



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