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Adventurer’s Tale


The Campaign of my life

If life was an adventure, what would your story be? The Adventurer’s Tale is an un-dated, gamified quarterly* planner, created to make ‘planning’ exciting and low-pressure.


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In stock

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If life was an adventure, what would your story be? The Adventurer’s Tale is an un-dated, gamified quarterly planner, created to make ‘planning’ exciting and low-pressure. This planner was carefully made to motivate, energize, and encourage reflection.

This gamification planner turns life into a series of adventures where you are the hero. Fill out your character profile and earn badges and experience points as you fill complete adventures, quests, objectives and other tasks. Use your session pages to keep your quests and objectives insight on a daily basis. Each session page also includes a sanity tracker for you to focus on what is negatively affecting your mental sanity and identify how you can restore it to its full health. Every few sessions, you get a chance to level-up your character, by tallying your experience points from previous sessions.


  • Gusset pockets
  • Elastic belly band
  • Cloth cover
  • Gamification planner

Pages Include:

  • Character Profile – Write your character’s backstory, including where you’ve come from and where you’re going
  • Character Level – Log your Character’s progress, how many experience points you’ve earned, and your character level
  • Adventure pages – What adventures will you be embarking upon and what are the quests and objectives you will have to take on to complete your adventure? Not to mention, how many XP will you earn for its completion?
  • Monthly Spread & Habit Tracking  – Colour-coded habit tracking for each day
  • Brain Dump & Notes – Use these open-ended spaces to clear your head and get it all out on the page so you can focus on your ongoing Adventures
  • Session Pages – This is where the action happens. Use these pages on a day-to-day basis to identify what tasks, objectives and quests you will be focusing on right now, and to track how many XP you earn on a day-to-day basis.
  • Level-Up – Add up your current XP, level-up your character, reflect on what’s working, and what needs to change
  • Notes pages
  • Badges – Full of premade badges like ‘Run a 5k’, ‘Cook a 3-course meal’, and blank spaces for you to make your own
  • Adventure Index – Keep a record of all of the adventures you’ve completed and your ideas for adventures you’d like to work on in the future

Inspired by:

A mandolin-playing, RPG-loving, amateur magician, Meyers-Briggs ENFP, and Enneagram Type 7. Tested and approved by many more.


*Because of the open-ended design of the session pages, it may last more or less than a quarter, depending on how you use it.


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